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About Psychedelic Integration Ireland

Psychedelic Integration Ireland was founded in response to the ever growing interest in psychedelics and entheogens as tools of personal transformation in Ireland. 


In a world where personal growth and self-discovery are valued more than ever, many individuals in Ireland are turning to psychedelic substances as a means of profound exploration. However, this journey into the depths of one's consciousness can be a deeply personal and often transformative experience, fraught with uncertainties. The absence of a safe and understanding space to discuss, process, and integrate these experiences can be a significant issue. At Psychedelic Integration Ireland, we recognize that countless people across the country are engaging in these journeys, seeking insight and self-improvement, yet often find themselves without guidance or a supportive community. This site was set up to bridge that gap, providing a compassionate, non-judgmental therapy service where individuals can share their experiences, receive professional guidance, reengage with the subconcious material and embark on the path of holistic healing and personal growth.


Psychedelic Integration Ireland is a service that wants to provide up to date information and help to people who are interested, curious or unsure about psychedelics. I also provide three kinds of integrative support to help clients integrate and ground from their psychedelic expeirence: Psychedelic Integration Therapy, Shamanic Counselling, and Shemanic Energy Therapy Technique. I hope this page and service can inform people that they are not alone and they are not broken if they are stuggling to integrate experiences with psychedelics.

Michael Ledden



About Michael

Based in Dublin Ireland, Michael is a practising, fully accredited Integrative Psychotherapist (IACP, IAHIP, ICP Accredited, Msc. in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy). Michael is an experienced psychedelic space holder and integration therapist who works as a facilitator and psychotherapist with InwardBound Psilocybin retreats in the Netherlands. Michael is also a co-founder and the chairperson of PsyCare Ireland: Welfare and Harm Reduction CLG, a non-profit social enterprise that supports members of the public at music events having difficult substance induced experiences or mental health crises.

Michael set up Psychedelic Integration Ireland having felt lost returning to normal life after his own ceremonial and therapetuic experiences with psychedelics. Michael does not provide psychedelic assisted therapy or experiences in Ireland as this is illegal, but does provide: Psychedelic Integration Therapy, Shamanic Counselling, and Shemanic Energy Therapy Technique to assist clients navigate their inner and outer worlds following contact with psychedelic substances.

He also has a background in working in homeless services with clients in addiction and also worked as an advocate working with refugees. Previously, Michael was also a manager in a company that provides Employee Assistance Programs within large organisations. For the last number of years Michael has run his own psychotherapy service Anxiety Ireland. Michael maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist with short and long term clients.

“I’ve always had a fascination with personal growth and Psychedelics and first came across the realm of transpersonal psychology while studying for a BA in Religions and Theology: My first seed was planted through exposure to shamanic drumming as a 20 year old in college. My interest in the transpersonal paradigm simmered away while I trained as a psychotherapist learning about various styles and disciplines and developed further when I travelled to Latin America in 2017 for six months. However, my interest in Psychedelics stems from my personal explorations of various medicines. Despite years of group and individual therapy, the deepest and most impactful experiences of my life have come from working with psychedelics.  The inner changes these experiences actualised for me are a gift I feel compelled to assist others to find in their own way. I also know how difficult integrating psychedelics can be, from feeling alone, to feeling frustrated, to being lost and having to make changes that not everyone will understand. The great writers that have influenced me most to date have been Stan Groff, Carl Jung, Anthony DeMello,  Richard Roher and Etty Hillisum.”

Michael's Qualifications

  • BA Religion and Theology.

  • MPhil. International Peace Studies.

  • FETAC Level 8 Certificate in Homelessness Prevention and Intervention.

  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training).

  • Four-year professional clinical training as an Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapist.

  • MSc. Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapy.

  • Full Accreditations with the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) and the Irish Council of Psychotherapy (ICP).

  • European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) issued by the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP).

  • Certificate in Body Psychotherapy (2018)

  • Reiki Level One (2019)

  • Jainia Fisher, Online Webinar Series in Trauma and Co-regulation (2020)

  • Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Training, Heart Tribe Cacao, Dublin (2020)

  • PsyCare UK: Welfare and Harm Reduction - two day training in psychedelic harm reduction and event welfare (2021).

  • Shamanism Ireland –Dunderry Park - Shemanic Practitioners Training (2021 - 2022).

  • Navigating Psychedelics – Lessons on self-care and integration – Psychedelics Today  (2021).

  • Navigating Psychedelics – For Clinicians and Therapists – Psychedelics Today (2021).

  • Inward Bound - Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy Training (2021).

  • Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique - Dr. Karen Ward (2023)

  • Shamanic Ireland - Dunderry Park - Shamanic Counselling (2023) 

About Michael
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