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Psychedelic Integration Ireland does not condone or promote the use or sale of illegal drugs. We recognise that despite the fact that this website talks about the use of psychedelic substances, we do not condone or promote the illegal use of psychedelics. Please be aware that many psychedelic substances are still illegal in Ireland despite reported benefits and scientific research. All therapy services advertised aim to support the individual to safely make their own choices and to preserve and enhance their mental wellbeing pre and post Psychedelic work. We do not take any responsibility over your actions based on the information presented. To start your research on the legal status of particular substances, please start here.

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Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Integration Psychotherapy

Why Therapy for Psychedelic Integration?

Coming back to “normal life” after having life-changing psychedelic experiences can be challenging. Many retreats do not provide enough integration support for their clients, and sometimes the insights and opportunities for change can fade away. Also, Western society often lacks the cultural context to understand many of the common mystical aspects of the psychedelic experience. It is unfortunately normal for people to feel isolated and alone when they return to their usual routines. Moreover, sometimes psychedelic work can trigger emotional and psychological processes that are not fully resolved, leaving us feeling scared, stuck, overwhelmed, or in crisis. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help to integrate the lessons we learned from our psychedelic journeys.

Michael Ledden as Psychedelic Integration Ireland provides Psychotherapy to those who want to go deeper into themselves in preparation or integration of psychedelic sessions, including helping them make sense of it all, go deeper into the journeys and tailor lifestyle changes. 

Michael is an Integrative therapist and utilises parts of Transpersonal, Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in his work helping clients integrate experiences.

Psychedelic experiences can change our view of ourselves and of reality in profound and permanent ways. The feeling could be summed up as “Am I crazy, or is everyone else crazy?”. This can be very lonely. Our entire meaning making system, our view of ourselves and the world can be radically altered -  old behaviours might not serve us anymore and old relationships lose their meaning. 

Having a therapist who understands the psychedelic experience can be crucial for transforming it into a positive force for your future.

Price: €75 per session

Typically clients require up to six-eight sessions depending on the case.

Normally one or two sessions are required before clients go on a retreat with the remaining sessions for integration afterwards.

Clients who wish to go deeper into their healing and integration journeys can also explore if Shamanic Counselling or Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique is right for them. I only offer these modalities to clients I have met at least once to ensure it is a suitable treatment. 

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