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Psychedelic Integration Ireland does not condone or promote the use or sale of illegal drugs. We recognise that despite the fact that this website talks about the use of psychedelic substances, we do not condone or promote the illegal use of psychedelics. Please be aware that many psychedelic substances are still illegal in Ireland despite reported benefits and scientific research. All therapy services advertised aim to support the individual to safely make their own choices and to preserve and enhance their mental wellbeing pre and post Psychedelic work. We do not take any responsibility over your actions based on the information presented. To start your research on the legal status of particular substances, please start here.

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Shamanic Counselling for Psychedelic Integration

What is Shamanic Counselling and how does it assist Psychedelic Integration?

Shamanic Counseling for Psychedelic Integration: Nurturing Your Inner Wisdom and Plant Medicine Insights

Have you ventured into the profound realms of psychedelic experiences? Have you discovered the power of connecting with your inner wisdom, encountered spirit guides, or been touched by the essence of plant medicine? Shamanic counseling provides a transformative path for embracing these insights and weaving them into the tapestry of your life.

The Essence of Psychedelic Integration:

Psychedelic experiences can be a gateway to immense personal healing, offering a deeper connection with our inner selves and the unseen realms. These experiences can bring forth wisdom, guidance, and a profound connection to our innate sense of spirituality. However, making sense of these journeys and integrating their wisdom into everyday life can be a daunting task. 

How Shamanic Counseling Unlocks Plant Medicine Wisdom:

Shamanic counseling harmoniously combines ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques, providing a roadmap for the integration of your psychedelic adventures, while deepening your understanding of the symbolism and meaning of these transformative experiences. It can also generally profoundly deepen your knowledge of your own inner landcape and resources.

Shamanic Counselling sessions are two hours long and comprise of four 30 minute parts:

1. Preparation and Intention Setting: Before embarking on your shamanic journey, you will be assisted to set clear intentions. These intentions serve as the compass that directs your journey toward the aspects of your psychedelic experiences that hold the most profound insights and healing potential. Your intention might also be to understand why it has been difficult to integrate an experience, to help process an unprocessed journey or simply to go deeper into possitive aspects for a more imbedded integration.

2. Shamanic Drum Journey: With earphones on, you embark on a self-guided journey. The shamanic beat of the drum (4-7 beats per second) creates a brainwave state which is simlilar to entering a psychedelic space again. As you traverse the realms of your inner self, you may encounter power animals, spirit guides, and the essence of plant medicine. While you narrate your journey out loud, I will be holding space for you as you revisit your journey, deepen your understanding and go deep into your subconcious.

3. Playback and Review: After your journey, we'll listen to your own narration of the journey together. This playback reveals hidden facets of your experience, enabling you to extract the sacred teachings and messages from your inner wisdom, power animals, spirit guides and your deepened perception of the original experience.

4. Integration and Support: Following the playback, the last part of the session helps you to integrate the wisdom and guidance from your shamnic counselling journey . Together, we explore the insights, emotions, and revelations you've received, allowing you to build on your previous experiences in your own unique way.

Why Shamanic Counseling Enhances Psychedelic Integration:

  • Guided Self-Reflection: The journey narration is a conduit to your inner wisdom, illuminating the deep-seated truths and guidance that reside within you.

  • Structured Approach: The method provides a clear framework for exploring and integrating your psychedelic journeys.

  • Ancient Wisdom: Drawing from shamanic practices, this method respects the wisdom of ancient traditions while incorporating modern therapeutic techniques.

  • Supportive Environment: The counselor offers a safe and non-judgmental space for you to process and make sense of your experiences.

  • Personal Growth: Through this process, you can harness the transformative power of psychedelics for personal growth, healing, and spiritual development.

  • Honoring Previous Psychedelic Journeys: This method respects the spirits of the plant medicines, forging a bridge between your sessions and the powerful experiences you have had in the past.

  • Personal Empowerment: Connecting with power animals and spirit guides can infuse you with newfound strength, resilience, and clarity.

  • Spiritual Growth: By nurturing these connections, you embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal transformation.

Shamanic counseling is not about altering your psychedelic experiences; it's about embracing, integrating, and channeling their insights for your own growth and spiritual development. It's an empowering voyage to the heart of your inner wisdom, where you connect with power animals, spirit guides, and the essence what it is to be human.

If you've encountered the profound teachings of psychedelics and wish to explore their deep wisdom in a safe, legal way, consider shamanic counseling as a sacred space for integration and personal transformation.

Shamanic Counselling is an adjucnt psychotherapeutic method I use with clients who are looking for psychedelic integration and who wish to go deeper in their personal healing journey. If you feel this approach may have something for you then book an initial consultation to explore if working with me is right for you, or if Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique is right for for you.  


Price: €100 per two hour session

Typically clients complete three sessions of Shamanic Counselling to complete journeys in the lower, middle and upper worlds of shamanic cosmology. Regular integration sessions may be scheduled in between sessions and at the close of shamanic counselling. This approach may also safely be used in conjuction with Shemanic Energy Therapy Technique to deepen personal and spiritual development and psychedelic integration. 

Sessions can be done either online or from Michael's office in Glasnevin, Dublin 11

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