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Psychedelic Integration Ireland does not condone or promote the use or sale of illegal drugs. We recognise that despite the fact that this website talks about the use of psychedelic substances, we do not condone or promote the illegal use of psychedelics. Please be aware that many psychedelic substances are still illegal in Ireland despite reported benefits and scientific research. All therapy services advertised aim to support the individual to safely make their own choices and to preserve and enhance their mental wellbeing pre and post Psychedelic work. We do not take any responsibility over your actions based on the information presented. To start your research on the legal status of particular substances, please start here.

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Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique for Psychedelic Integration

What is Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique and how does it assist Psychedelic Integration?

Integration of Psychedelic Experiences with Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique:

Are you seeking a profound and transformative way to integrate your psychedelic journeys? Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique offers a unique and powerful approach to help you make sense of and harmonize left over work from  psychedelic experiences.

The Power of Integration:

Psychedelics have the potential to open doors to deep inner realms of the mind, revealing hidden aspects of yourself and the world around you. These journeys can be profound and transformative, but without proper integration, the insights gained may become fragmented or overwhelming. Integration is the process of making these insights a part of your everyday life and healing unresolved issues that may have surfaced during your psychedelic experiences.

Our Approach to Integration:

Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique provides a structured and holistic framework for the integration of your psychedelic experiences. Here's how it works:

  1. Preparation and Intention Setting: We begin with a thorough consultation where we work together to set clear intentions for your integration journey. This step is crucial for focusing your experience on specific areas of growth and healing.

  2. Breathwork and Visualization Journey: Through a combination of breathwork and guided visualization, you embark on a journey within yourself. This helps you locate and identify stuck or blocked energy in your body, often associated with  past traumas or unresolved emotions.                             

  3. Revisiting Past Scenes: You are guided to revisit scenes from your past that may have caused the energetic blockages. This can be instrumental in understanding the roots of your challenges and healing the wounds that may have been neglected.

  4. Energetic Blockage Removal: With the assistance of your spirit guides, we work together to remove these energetic blockages. This process is both gentle and powerful, facilitating the release of pent-up emotions and negative energy.

  5. Review and Integration: We conclude the session with a review and integration process, helping you ground the insights gained and ensure they become an integral part of your life moving forward. This step is essential for creating lasting change and transformation.

Healing Unresolved Past Traumas:

Psychedelic experiences often have the remarkable ability to bring past traumas to the surface, allowing them to be processed and healed. However, psychedelic journeys can sometimes not fully clear an issue or might bring new issues to light that require work. Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique is especially valuable for clearing left overs from a psychedelic journey or healing the wounds psychedelics bring to light.

If your psychedelic journey has uncovered past traumas that remain unresolved, our method offers a safe and supportive environment for healing and integration. Here's how it can help:

  • Safe Space for Processing: I provide a nurturing and safe space where you can explore these difficult memories and emotions. I guide you through this imense somatic process with care and empathy.

  • Energetic Release: By identifying and addressing the energetic blockages associated with these traumas, I help you release the pent-up emotions and negative energy that may have been trapped within you for years.

  • Spiritual Guidance: With the assistance of your spirit guides, we facilitate a deep and profound healing process. This spiritual guidance can offer a unique perspective on your traumas and aid in your journey toward resolution.

  • Integration for Lasting Healing: After working through the unresolved traumas, the integration process ensures that the healing is comprehensive and lasting. You'll not only heal from the traumas themselves but also gain insights into how these experiences have shaped your life.

Why Choose This Method?

Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique is a safe and effective way to integrate your psychedelic experiences. It goes beyond mere talk therapy, offering a direct, experiential, and spiritually guided approach to healing and self-discovery. If your psychedelic therapy experiences have unearthed past traumas that haven't been resolved, shamanic energy therapy technique can provide a transformative path to healing. It offers a holistic approach that addresses not only the emotional and psychological aspects of your traumas but also the energetic and spiritual dimensions. With guidance, you can achieve profound healing, resolution, and integration, allowing you to move forward with a greater sense of peace, wholeness, and self-awareness.

Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique is an adjucnt psychotherapeutic method I use with clients who are looking for psychedelic integration and who wish to go deeper in their personal healing journey. If you feel this approach may have something for you then book an initial consultation to explore if working with me is right for you, or if Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique is right for for you.  


Price: €100 per two hour session

Typically clients complete two-three sessions of Shamanic Energy Therapy Technique depending on their issue. Regular integration sessions may be scheduled in between sessions and at the close of shamanic counselling. This approach may also safely be used in conjuction with Shemanic Counselling to deepen personal and spiritual development and psychedelic integration. 

Sessions can be done either online or from Michael's office in Glasnevin, Dublin 11

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