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Psychedelic Integration Ireland does not condone or promote the use or sale of illegal drugs. We recognise that despite the fact that this website talks about the use of psychedelic substances, we do not condone or promote the illegal use of psychedelics. Please be aware that many psychedelic substances are still illegal in Ireland despite reported benefits and scientific research. All therapy services advertised aim to support the individual to safely make their own choices and to preserve and enhance their mental wellbeing pre and post Psychedelic work. We do not take any responsibility over your actions based on the information presented. To start your research on the legal status of particular substances, please start here.

Monthly Psychedelic
Integration Group

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Why Group Integration Sessions?

Group integration is one of the most powerful forms of working through psychedelic experiences. A chance to hear others' experiences and share your own unique and deeply meaningful experience can be so healing. 


Each month the group meets online on the second Monday of the month 7-9pm on zoom. These groups each have a theme and allow us to form a community of like minded souls seeking to integrate and get the most of their psychedelic experiences. 

Price: €25 per group

Integration Group
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