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2. Psychedelic Integration Tips: Post Journey Diet

post journey diet
Post journey diet

Psychedelic Integration Trips: Part 2 - Post Journey Diet

Did you know that what we put into our system after a psychedelic experience can make a big difference to how we feel afterwards and how well we integrate the experience?

Although we might want to blow off steam afterwards, I always advise clients not to drink or do party drugs too soon after a psychedelic as this might affect the important post-trip period.

Our nervous system may need time just to return to baseline, so over-medicating with substances might temporarily bring relief, but it might also stop us from processing through the emotional content of the journey.

The lessons from psychedelics can be obvious quickly and come through clearly in the journey. Other lessons and meanings can unfold spirally as we re-think and re-visit the journey. Therefore, keeping a clear mind afterwards can be advantageous if we are seriously looking to absorb and integrate the journey.

Certain foods, drugs, and alcohol can re-freeze the unfrozen feelings we may have contacted, undoing the work of the journey. So, if we need support post-trip, reach out and talk. Don’t self-medicate.

Another important area to take care of following a psychedelic is our sense of connection or our post-journey afterglow. Psychedelics tend to open our hearts and make us feel more in touch with others, ourselves, and nature.

For many people, this can be a first experience of feeling a higher vibrational frequency and connectedness. It can inspire people to make major lifestyle changes and re-evaluate their diets and habits.

This high vibrational feeling doesn’t maintain itself without effort. Things like too much booze, drugs, sugar, junk food, and heavily processed foods can lower this vibrational frequency and plunge us back into feeling sluggish or separate again.

Therefore, if we’re using psychedelics for personal or spiritual growth, taking care of our food and drink consumption post-trip can significantly boost our integration process.

If you are interested in learning more about integration after a psychedelic experience feel free to explore if booking for a session of Psychedelic Integration Therapy is right for you.

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