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1. Psychedelic Integration Tips: Grounding



The following posts contain advice and information on how to integrate psychedelic experiences. To begin, let’s talk about grounding after a pscyhedelic journey.

After surviving the journey through the difficult and blissful inner terrain, you may feel hungry, ecstatic, lonely, or bored. However, it’s important to remember that the process is still unfolding even after the session or trip’s peak has passed.

Subtle processes may still be underway and working through us. Therefore, especially after a big session with a psychedelic, I advise leaving plenty of space for yourself.

If you’ve done the psychedelic with a social intention, this is less necessary. However, if you’ve done the medicine ritually or with intention, then the space you cultivate afterwards is important.

It’s important not to drive, make any big decisions, or do anything too stressful until you are fully back to earth. Don’t rush back to work that evening or rush out to a social event or party right after.

That evening, some ideas might be to allow plenty of time for silent reflection, journaling, or some art. Going too quickly back into the world following an intense psychedelic can be disorientating or can leave us too blown open to be dealing with other people’s energies.

Psychedelics can reset the neural pathways in our brains. Therefore, what we feed our brains immediately afterwards in terms of information, social contact, environment, and stimulus is very important.

I tend to enjoy something like a spiritual book, a documentary, or a moving film the night after using psychedelics – but each can find their own soul nourishment.

As well, I would advise not deciding to tell too many people about the experience straight away and even then, being careful with whom the experience is shared.

Not everyone will be able to relate to an intense psychedelic experience so do be careful with yourself, your energy and the sacredness of what you have experienced.

If you are interested in learning more about grounding after a psychedelic experience feel free to explore if booking for a session of Psychedelic Integration therapy is right for you.

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