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3. Psychedelic Integration Tips: Embodying The Lessons

Embodying the lessons
Embodying the lessons

Psychedelic Integration Post Trip: Part 3 - Embodying the Lessons

When we look to integrate psychedelics, it’s important to remember that the changes don’t only take place at a cognitive level but also occur within and throughout the body.

A deep psychedelic experience often shifts things on a somatic level that otherwise remain stagnant under our ego defenses.

Immediately after the experience, things like massage can help us keep our bodies open and loose and not tighten up again. Dancing can be one of the most powerful tools of all to allow our bodies to open and express all that’s been locked inside.

A good dance or yoga practice is beautiful for integration, as it allows our bodies to shift the energy, stickiness, and stagnation that’s been unstuck by the experience.

Embodiment can also mean movement, posture, exercise, deep breathing, and any other deliberate change we make to our felt sense of ourselves.

Embodying a psychedelic journey can also mean bringing consciousness to our bodies while noticing and amplifying any new subtle differences to deeply integrate the lessons.

The need to justify and explain via words is rampant within our Western mindset. Yet generally, we know something is right or wrong by a felt sense, not by logic – we say “that feels right for me.”

In our society, we are conditioned to ignore the true wisdom contained within our own bodies. Therefore, I recommend practicing awareness of how a realization or internal shift makes us feel and deliberately amplify this feeling moving forward.

It’s easy to feel taller or more present following a psychedelic experience but then fall back into the slump of negative body language or character armor.

If you’ve released shame, how does it feel to be in your body without that? That’s a posture you can consciously practice holding.

If your heart has been opened by a mystical experience, tune into how that now feels in your body and make it a daily practice.

If you are interested in learning more about integration after a psychedelic experience feel free to explore if booking for a session of Psychedelic Integration Therapy is right for you.

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