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Psychedelics helping me see through the veil: Part 3

*This post is for informational purposes only, reflecting the experience of the author and does not condone or encourage any illegal activity*

Trying to process a mystical experience and it's implications for your belief system, sense of self, life goals and future is hard work.

In The West more than anywhere we need an integration process because we don't have any kind of accepting cultural container/modern reference for experiences like these.

Psychoanalysis could label it as a narcissistic, neurotic, egotistical fantasy cooked up in an intoxicated state.

Worse still, the mental health system could label it as a psychotic delusion or as some kind of persistent hallucination that should be medicated.

Because of how "out there" experiences like these can be, it is easy to reject them and try to sweep them under the rug, forget them and move on.

This is the saddest of all for me because it's literally throwing away gold.

On the other hand there is the "danger of unearned wisdom" which can make this kind of experience overwhelming and beyond what someone is ready for.

Certainly for me that first mystical slap in the face was way more than I had bargained for!

As such, I'm grateful I had a therapy background, with years of personal therapy, some Shamanic work and some cacao experience under my belt.

I had also studied religion in college as an arts degree (which I never thought I'd use again, but now its quite handy).

Many may not have such a base to integrate from or any support!

For me I needed to work through it slowly and read many books because I'm heady like that!

At one stage, months later (during covid lockdown 1) I hit a point with old habits where despite it all, I was numb again, the experience faded.

Future experiences were necessary and helped me integrate more. High dose work with Psilocybin, LSD, 5MEO-DMT and continuing to work with Cacao were particularly helpful.

Getting out in nature, meeting likeminded and open people, integration/men’s circles, making new spiritual friends, journaling, art, micro dosing, documentaries all helped me integrate deeper as well.

End of part 3...

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