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Psychedelics helping me see through the veil: Part 4

*This post is for informational purposes only, reflecting the experience of the author and does not condone or encourage any illegal activity*

So what have been the benefits to me of integrating all these mystical psychedelic experiences?

Well for starters most days I'm far less identified with my ego than before... I see my spiritual core self as separate from the me that pays my taxes and that guy with a PPS Number.

I now see most of the issues that used to bother me as insignificant, and I accept that anytime I'm suffering it's my Ego attaching to some thing or making demands that people/reality be different.

In as much as I can, I disidentify from this and release it.

I know I'm kinder to my body and even lovingly/ half-jokingly call it my meat suit that carries my spirit around.

This is tremendous fun and gives me an awful lot of perspective with it, I treat my body like a faithful possession.

I feel connected to my heart, to my truth and to my soul. I mostly feel blissfully happy and try to welcome my day-to-day feelings whatever they might be!

I feel far more in control of my own reactions, I feel I have better boundaries and boundless energy.

I've found a deep satisfaction with the way things are and joy when I think about the wonderful indecipherable mystery that is life.

I've an abundance of love for others and all people in my life: personal and professional.

I think all people at their spiritual core are good and try to be patient with them.

I still drop the ball: I have moods, think unkind things, get sucked into my ego but mostly I notice it quickly and challenge it!

I've learned that the riches of the inner life are far more important than those of the outer life!

I'm patient with myself as this continues to unfold, I'm not there yet, nor is there a there... but I'm happy with the direction.

I don't follow any religion, nor do I want to push anything on anyone.

My passion now is to help others who have had psychedelic experiences of any kind to integrate them and find to their own meaning.

Thanks for reading the last four posts!

Stay tuned for more.


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