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Psychedelics helping me see through the veil: Part Two

*This post if for informational purposes only, reflecting the experience of the author and does not condone or encourage any illegal activity*

So you've had a mystical experience... now what?

For me the breakthrough mystical experience took place over 4 Ayahuasca sessions in the jungle in 2019.

While I had done preparatory work and had had plenty of recreational experiences with psychedelics, never before had I experienced anything at this level.

I battled with my discomfort at the idea of God, a Soul and Spirit.

In my case I spent a session on Ayahuasca literally purging my obstinance and resistance until I accepted that a new chapter of my life was beginning whether I liked it or not!

On the one hand leaving the retreat centre I experienced a kind of peace I'd never felt before, I was renewed; I felt like I was all love and all I wanted to do was offer love to the world.

Though at the exact same time I was scared - am I going crazy, am I going to be ostracised, what does this mean, WTF do I do with all this.

In not being prepared for anything like this, I wasn't aware that I would need to integrate the lessons and that the glow of this experience would eventually dim if I didn't look after it when I re-entered everyday life and habits.

The retreat centre was amazing, but there was no aftercare and I then had another 3 weeks in South America alone to myself to figure this all out.

I did many things I now believe I shouldn't have done; I made some poor choices that I now see did not help my integration.

I really believe that psychedelics can offer us a glimpse of what is behind the ego self, but they can't keep it at bay. That's a lifelong path.

Psychedelics are "mind manifesting", they can show us the truth, but then we must act on it.

Now it is a daily task for me to remind myself what happened in those sessions and to see through the Veil; it's a daily commitment and daily work.

At the time I wasn't aware of what integration meant and I had no one to guide me through the ontological shock, the disorientation, the pit falls, the mania, the fears and the questions.

End of part 2...

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