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Setting An Intention

Updated: May 3, 2022

An important part of any kind of psychedelic use is taking the time to set out our intention. We may be planning to take them socially to have a good time with friends, or we may want to connect with nature. For others the intention may be to explore themselves personally or spiritual. The list is not exhaustive.

Any which way, thought and preparation is always recommended as this ties to dosage and the set and setting which I'll cover later. Even if the intention is just to have fun, stating this is important and considering a low dose is key.

If working with the psychedelic ceremonially or therapeutically alone, in a group or in a facilitated ceremony then it may be useful to have some rough idea of what you wish to discover or ask.

For framing it, it might be helpful to ask it to show or reveal something to you, or to enable you to do your own healing. That said, don't hold your intentions too tightly as psychedelics don't always bring us where we want to go: we may want to work on X but it can bring us to Y.

Therefore, I always encourage people to be prepared for the unexpected and a very good intention may include that "I am open to whatever comes up and am willing to see what I need to see". For some setting this kind of an intention can be an anchor that to return too as the session goes on, especially if it reminds us to stay open when facing difficulty.

Remembering to trust, let go and be open is crucial in this work as we sometimes need to go to hell in order to get to heaven!

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