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What is Psychedelic Integration?

Many Psychedelic experiences on their own can be revealing, pleasant and delightful, but rarely will they do all the work to change our lives on their own. The shovel is the tool but it will not dig the hole for us by its self. If we wish to achieve lasting change from their use we need to consciously consider this thing called Integration. Integration, which literally means to bring things together and make them whole, is the work that goes around the Psychedelic experience itself.


Psychedelic experiences are unpredictable and unique, but we can prepare ourselves and plan ahead to maximize the potential benefits of these journeys. Psychedelics are not ordinary drugs, but powerful tools that can reveal valuable insights and information to us. 


Dr. Stanislav Groff, a renowned Czech psychiatrist, called psychedelics “non-specific amplifiers” of what is already present in our consciousness. This means that taking high doses of psychedelics can trigger profound changes in ourselves and our understanding of life, which may not be easy to handle or understand. This can cause temporary confusion, alienation or disorientation.

So to get the most therapeutic benefit out of a psychedelic experience and use them safely we need to consider several stages: The before, during and after the experience. Integration isn't just something we do after an experience. All good integration starts with making sure you are as prepared as possible for the experience and by being smart in what we are doing, when and where. 


This website's blog posts will explore topics like: safety, dosages, set and setting, intention setting, handling a difficult psychedelic journey, grounding back into reality, processing the experience, various methods to integrate lessons and ways to put things into action!

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